A bite of hope

To be human is to hope.

For now.

In fact, it is when we give up hope, or lose sight of hope, that we begin to live as less than human–slaves to our desires, blind to those around us, unconscious of purpose and fulfillment.

Hope is a hunger that drives much of what we do, and yet… we tend to relegate hope to the postscript of our lives. We tend to think that hope is good, but only in the sense that it’s something worth waiting for. We miss the power of hope fulfilled today. Hope deferred looms large in our minds. But we feed daily, often without realizing it, on hope realized.

Here’s how Advent hope usually goes: we remember the birth of Jesus (1st advent, or ‘arrival’), which directs our thoughts towards the return of Jesus (2nd advent, or ‘arrival’). The memory of hope gives us comfort until the fulfillment of hope. But hope is more than what’s behind us and what’s ahead of us.

The amazing thing about the true story of Jesus isn’t just that it happened, and will happen again (it did and it will!), but that it is happening!

Think of it this way: hope is a drive similar to hunger. We don’t have to be full in order to be satisfied when we sit down to a feast with a ravenous appetite. We know what it’s like to be hungry even as we eat, yet we also know the distinct pleasure every bite offers.

To be sure, the Christian anticipates the end of the meal, the fullness of all things. And yet, we need not miss each bite of hope along the way. We dine on hope daily, whether we realize it or not. This is so true that even those who do not know the reason to hope can describe the taste of hope.

This is what it means to be caught up in the story of the one who came and will come again. His arrival transformed the past, redeems the future, AND revitalizes present.

I hope for the end of all pain, even as I savor my health. I long for reconciliation in relationships hopelessly marred, and I marvel at those who forgive me. I abhor war in all its forms, and I celebrate every step towards peace, flawed as it may be. I crave beauty, even as a cup of coffee in the quiet of dawn alights my soul.

I want nothing more than to be with God, even as I feel his presence every day.

To be human is to hope.

Your kingdom come, both now and forever.


About Tim Owens

I'm a husband, father, and Christ follower. I also live in Albany, NY, where I work as a pastor.
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