How long, Lord?

Today’s tragic school shooting has left me numb and speechless, so I’m borrowing the words below.

How long, Lord? Will you forget us forever?
     How long will you hide your face from us?
How long must we wrestle with our thoughts
     and day after day have sorrow in our heart?
How long will the enemy triumph?

Look on us and answer, Lord my God.
     Give light to our eyes, or we will sleep in death.

Lord, you are the God who saves us;
     day and night we cry out to you.
May our prayer come before you;
     turn your ear to our cry.

Do you show your wonders to the dead?
     Do their spirits rise up and praise you?
Is your love declared in the grave,
     your faithfulness in Destruction?
Are your wonders known in the place of darkness,
     or your righteous deeds in the land of oblivion?

But we cry to you for help, Lord;
     in the morning our prayer comes before you.
Why, Lord, do you reject us
     and hide your face from us?

You have taken from us friend and neighbor—
     darkness is our closest friend.

We long for the end of darkness
     long for peace to those on whom your favor rests.
When will your dwelling be among the people?
     when will you dwell with us?
How much longer until you wipe every tear from our eyes,
     until there is no more death,
     or mourning or crying or pain?

We long for you to make all things new.

Even as we wait, we trust that these words are trustworthy and true.

You have said, “I am coming soon!”

And so we trust in your unfailing love;
     our heart rejoices in your salvation.
We will sing the Lord’s praise,
     for he has been good to us.

Come, Lord Jesus.


About Tim Owens

I'm a husband, father, and Christ follower. I also live in Albany, NY, where I work as a pastor.
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One Response to How long, Lord?

  1. Mike Banas says:

    Well said Tim… parishioners are calling just to talk and process this horrendous event today. Thanks for addressing it. Blessings, Mike

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